Alberada of Sabruzi

The neice of Grand Prince Indagare VI of Sabruzi


Alberada is trained in Diplomacy, Tactics, and Personal Defense. She has her own set of armor and her own swords customized for her. She lives in The Grand Convent of Sehanine, where she will live until she is married off by her uncle.

Sexterity: 40


Alberada has been raised, in the tradition of the ruling family of Sabruzi, to be an intelligent and powerful woman. Her purpose in life is to be married to a weak ruler and to bring that ruler’s land under the control of her family’s Patriarch, for now Indagare VI of Sabruzi. Her restrictive captivity in the Convent has unearthed a love of carousing with the common folk whenever she can sneak outside the Convent’s walls.

Alberada of Sabruzi

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